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Date Changes - :(

Well, I have made the really tough decision to push back my trip. A very wise person made me realise that rushing things won't really get me anywhere and that I am not really going to enjoy my trip if I am going to burn myself out at this end.

Looks like my departure date is going to be October or November 2007!

The world is still going to be there once I decide to leave.....right! I guess I am trying to convince myself of that. LOL!!!

Watch out world I am still on my way!

Posted by missyd 07:31

Backpack Shopping

Well I have finally found the perfect backpack. To those of you who are not anal like me that sounds like it is not such a big deal! Well, let me tell you....I have looked at about 100 backpacks either online or in stores.

I honestly think I could faintly hear the Alleluliah playing in the backround when I found the perfect one.

I am going to pick it up tomorrow along with my hostel sheet.

Now all is need is a RTW ticket and I am set.....BABY STEPS!!! LOL!

I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that when I leave the safe (yet somewhat disturbing) confines of my life here that I am not going to be able to live by lists and the complete organization that plagues me here.

Mind you, not having to work for a year seems like a fair trade to me!

163 days until I leave this crazy place!!!! (but who's counting)

Posted by missyd 06:27

Getting Ready

Well I have decided on a date and I am getting ready to go! I have made a bizillion lists and I guess I going to have to stop being so organized.

Now, I just have to execute my plan!

Ireland - August 2, 2007 - It all begins back where it started!

So far the itinerary looks like this:

November/December (2007) Africa
January/February (2008) SE Asia
March/April (2008) Australia
May (2008) New Zealand
June (2008) Fiji/Cook Islands

I can't believe that I only have less than 6 months until I leave...(176 days......but who's counting? LOL)


Posted by missyd 10:56

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